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Greece: Teetering on a Precipice

Last night, while hundreds of thousands took to the Athens streets in protest, the Greek parliament approved yet another austerity bill.  No one has any illusions that these measures or the loan extensions granted the EU will grant on the back of them will have any positive effect on the Greek economy.  Not the politicans voting these measures through, the Eurocrats insisting on them, the bankers who gain from them, but above all not the people who will suffer for them.  Its not so much that the mask has slipped but just that they can’t be bothered hiding the grotesque any longer.

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Housing Benefit Changes: Crisis and Effects

New research was published by Shelter this week revealing that approximately 1 million people – 2% of the adult population, have taken out at least one payday loan to help pay their mortgages or rent this year.  Approximately 7 million (15%) have taken on debt of one form or another for this purpose.  There is clearly a crisis in housing affordability.

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Lives for Sale

WHEN Live8 tickets were offered to the highest bidder on eBay this week, there had never been a clearer demonstration that to Make Poverty History you need to first make capitalism history.  Within hours of the first text messages being sent out to those lucky people who had won a ticket to Live8 – Bob Geldof’s bash for the conscience-stricken – tickets were up on sale to the highest bidder on eBay.

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