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The BBC are beyond a joke

I’ve had it with the BBC for a very long while, but my TV is in serious danger of getting a foot put through it and not just because I cant work the remote control.  Yes, yes, I know they make good drama, Eastenders is pretty good and hell historical drama and they are there, but for a public broadcaster; someone whose public responsibility it is to keep the public informed and knowledgeable, it is disgraceful.

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Multi-cultural Glasgow

One of the things almost any English visitor to Scotland will notice almost the instant that they get off the train is how “white” our country is.  Partly this is because the sun is an infrequent visitor, but compared with England, where almost 10% of the population is of minority ethnic origin, and London in particular with over 30%, Scotland is white, very white.

Growing up in small town 70s Scotland, my first experience of ever meeting anyone Black was around four years old, when my Granny  called me over excitedly one day when we were out shopping to “see the Black baby”.  I came over curiously, as my baby obsessed Granny cooed over a 9 month old Black infant in a pushchair, anxiously watched by her (white) Mother.  Once her baby lust was sated, and as we were walking away, she commented that she was glad I had seen this because I would never see another one.  Such was the exoticism of ethnic minority communities at that time in Scotland.  And when in High School, a Chinese girl joined our class and our teacher walked over to her and asked her very loudly and very slowly “Do…you….speak…..English?“, only to meet with the reply of “Aye, how, dae you no?“, he looked visibly taken aback.

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De-occupy Glasgow

UpdateOpen Letter from Glasgow Women’s Activist Forum

I cant honestly say that I was ever that enthused about the “Occupy Movement“.  After seeing a live link up from Occupy Wall Street earlier this month, I did feel a frisson of revolutionary excitement, but it faded by the time that 15th October came round.  It was genuinely amazing and inspiring to hear from an OWS activist live on video link, and when asked what we could do to support them his immediate response was to bring the Occupy movement to wherever we were.  But once the initial rosy glow evaporated, I cant say it was an action which filled me with much enthusiasm.

In Glasgow there was considerable debate within the activist community in the lead up to the global day of action on 15th October.  Should we be supporting the better planned Edinburgh Occupy?  Should we be looking to set up our own Glasgow Occupy?  Or should we be concentrating our activities elsewhere?  In the end the decision was kind of made for us when people unknown to the activist community set up a facebook event which attracted considerable support.  In such circumstances it would have been horribly elitist of us to stand at the edges shouting “Look, you’re doing it all wrong”, we needed to roll up our sleeves and muck in, at least to some extent.
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