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Rape: Eyes, Laws and Codes

It was Germaine Greer who said that women never really know how much men hate them.  Thanks to the internet we’re starting to find out, as “banter” comes out of the backrooms and spews itself over the web.  Unilad has just been shut down after it pointed out approvingly that rapists have rather good odds, with the “lads” blaming humourless feminazis for spoiling their fun.

A week or so ago, a friend posted up a list of the things that Mens Rights Activists quote out of context to demonstrate how nutty feminists are.  Among them was a quote attributed to Marilyn French stating “all men are rapists“.  This statement as a view of how feminists see men is often given as evidence of the misanderous nature of feminism and how ludicrous it is, but the full quote, given below, which comes from “The Women’s Room” and is spoken by Val – a radical feminist character in the novel, bears further inspection.

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The Skeleton: A Cautionary Tale

It had all been a mistake she knew that now. It seemed so obvious back then. It was her first wart that had made up her mind. She had known it was coming; she could feel it emerge, but it wasn’t until a devil pointed it out that she realised that this was just the first of many. That slowly more and more warts would appear, her chin would start to jut and her nose start to hook.

She had just worked magic with the devil. They lay exhausted from the effort, united in the afterglow of shared secrets, as he ran his hand over her body, across her breasts and down her arm, until he stopped at the small bump in her hand. “A wart!”, he proclaimed. “Your first, no doubt. There will be many more, my little witch. They come thick and fast after the first.” She looked at her hand, where the lump was starting to break the skin and knew that he was right.

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GUST is… sexist

Glagow University Student Television have produced a promo video.  That’s promo not porno, but someone obviously misread the brief. Much consternation has been caused on their facebook page among female students over the contents and style of the video. The response from GUST has been almost as stunning as the video itself.
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Inclusion, Call-outs & the Gaze

Privilege manifests itself in all kinds of different ways. People are brought up with notions of what is right and proper and oftentimes these notions include deeply biased value systems. Each generation battles the ideas of the one before, the one that brought them up both collectively and individually. Sometimes these battles were fought in private, sometimes within a community as well as being played out in physical spaces, these cultural changes manifested themselves through shared media – pop music, fashion and film. Traditional public challenges to established hegemony were obtuse, coded and diffuse – aimed less at any particular individual but at generalised attitudes The advent of the internet, and in particular the interactivity that we have seen develop over the past five years has particularised hegemonic challenge, especially within the realm of identity politics. It is in this context that the culture of the “call-out” has emerged.
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