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Teaching girls to say “yes”

In May this year a bill proposed by Nadine Dorries was narrowly passed which required that schools provided girls (only girls mind) with sex education which extorted the benefits of abstinence. Quoted in the Guardian, she states that she had spoken to many teenage girls “do not even think they have the option of saying “no” to boys”.    And that is a telling statement.

Girls are considered the gatekeepers of precious resource which they should carefully guard, while boys are extorted not to steal. The concept of sex as pleasurable intimacy is lost amongst a sea of warnings – some from the classroom and some from the playground – of disease, unwanted pregnancy and wrecked life chances. It is here that slutshaming starts, as sexually active teenage girls are envied and derided in equal measure. Respectable girls, those who value themselves, say “no”.
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Learning to read in a digitised world

Over on John Connell’s blog there has been some discussion around the meaning of literacy in a digitised era. I have my issues with the traditional meaning of literacy, but lets plough on regardless. I just wanted to share a few anecdotes about how technology and in particular games have shaped my eldest son’s learning.
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